Nov 28, 2012

"So my mom is always saying she needs to lose weight. And I'm like, Mom - you're fine. She's almost as skinny as me. She does not need to lose weight." - boy, 7

Nov 12, 2012

"I was gonna call you an idiot but then I decided not to." - boy, 7 Good choice, little dude...

Oct 22, 2012

"We'll be friends forever, right? We won't ever let anyone split us up." Overheard while eavesdropping on a couple of 4 year olds.  I sincerely hope they stay friends forever.

Sept 13, 2012

"I like popsicles more than you do." - girl, 4
"No, I like them the most. So there." - boy, 7
"Ok fine. Well, I like them times infinity, plus 6. Ha!" 

Sept 2, 2012

Things I never thought I'd find myself saying...
"Here, give me your tooth before you get on the swings."